Jas Otan volunteers deliver koumiss to healthcare workers

Photo provided by the source
The youth wing of the West Kazakhstan regional branch "Jas Otan" initiated an action in support of health workers. They deliver koumiss to those who are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus infection, reports.

Murat Mukayev, the first deputy chairman of the West Kazakhstan branch of Nur Otan party, urges everyone to provide all possible assistance to health workers who today, risk their lives to save Kazakhstanis.

On the agreement reached with the farm "Zhailau", the volunteers will provide fresh koumiss to health workers for a month.

The action was supported in Aktau. With the support of the Zhanaozen dairy plant and maslikhat deputies, Jas Otan volunteers organized the delivery of dairy products, including shubat, as well as fruits and berries to health workers who currently live in hotels in the city.

In addition, they deliver humanitarian aid arriving from the UAE to the settlements of Mangistau oblast.

Activists have prepared more than 800 sets of health - products to enhance immunity.


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