Which Kazakhstan regions have the highest salaries

Experts and analysts said which regions of Kazakhstan have the highest salaries, reports.

Analysts note that in the third quarter of 2021, the nominal average monthly wage in the country on average reached 243.7 thousand tenge - which is 19.3% more than a year earlier, the portal notes.

The real growth in the purchasing power of wages was 9.8%.

For comparison: in the third quarter of 2020, the average salary was 204.3 thousand tenge, plus 6.9% per year.

“Regionally, the highest wages were traditionally observed in the Atyrau region. 419.1 thousand tenge - 19.5% more than a year earlier. In real terms, the growth was 9.5%. Salaries in the region exceeded the national average by 72%,” writes the portal

The three leaders were Mangistau region (346.5 thousand tenge, plus 6.2% in real terms) and the capital (338.4 thousand tenge, plus 7.8%).

The lowest salary in the Turkestan region - 181.1 thousand tenge - is 11.5% more in real terms than a year earlier.

Only in four out of 17 regions wages of workers exceeded the national average: in addition to the three leading regions, Almaty also entered this four - 283.7 thousand tenge.

Analysts noted that in the context of industries, employees of the financial and insurance sectors received the most: 452.8 thousand tenge - 18.8% more than a year earlier.

"The three highest paid industries also included professional, scientific and technical activities (369.5 thousand tenge, plus 17.4% per year) and the field of information and communications (331.1 thousand tenge, plus 19.9%)", - experts say.

The largest increase in wages was observed in the area of administrative and support services (plus 37.1% per year, up to 256 thousand tenge), the smallest - in the field of real estate transactions (by 2.7% per year, up to 181.9 thousand tenge).

Adil Saptaev
13:45,29 November 2021

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