Six-month-old child dies in road accident in Karaganda

On November 29, early in the morning, an accident occurred at the intersection of Karl Marx - Ligovskaya streets. As a result of the collision of two cars, three people were injured, including a baby. A six-month-old child died from his injuries in the hospital, reports with reference to

“On November 29 at 08:20 am, a 21-year-old driver of a Mercedes E220, according to preliminary data, driving along Karl Marx street, at the intersection with Ligovskaya, drove through a yellow traffic light and collided with a Volkswagen Golf car driven by 24 -year-old driver", - said the press service of the police department of the Karaganda region.

As a result of the accident, a 25-year-old passenger and her six-month-old child, as well as the driver of the Volkswagen Golf, were taken to a medical facility. The six-month-old baby died from his injuries.

“The fact is registered with the police and appropriate examinations have been appointed, based on the results of which a procedural decision will be made,” the police add.
14:44,29 November 2021

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