Teenager in NKR brought a found grenade home - residents were urgently evacuated

A 17-year-old teenager found a grenade in a wasteland in the North Kazakhstan region, reports with reference to

An unusual find was discovered by a 17-year-old resident of one of the villages of the Kyzylzhar district. He found an object in the wasteland that looked like a grenade, with traces of corrosion. The young man brought it to the house of his aunt, who called the police.

Employees of the Sokolovsky village police department fenced off the scene. Seven people from three nearby houses were evacuated before the arrival of the bombers, who placed the potentially dangerous item in a special container. Presumably, it is an RGD grenade with an UZRGM fuse.

“The subject has been sent for examination, after which it will be destroyed in special conditions. We remind you that when objects similar to explosive devices are found, it is strongly discouraged to move them and touch them in order to avoid spontaneous explosion,” the acting head of the district PD Nurlyzhan Aktanov informs.
13:25,15 October 2021

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