How doctors to improve their qualifications in Kazakhstan

Photo: Tauekelov
It is planned to improve the qualifications of Kazakhstani doctors, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan replied, reports.

"In order to staff medical organizations with qualified human resources, systematic work is being carried out. Since 2021, the cost of grants for the training of medical workers has been increased (residents - by 83%, bachelors - 59%, undergraduates - 26%, doctoral students - 2.5%), as well as increased scholarships for students in medical universities: bachelors - by 92%, interns - 25%, residents and undergraduates - 15%, doctoral students - 15", - said in the message.

According to the ministry, in order to increase the number of grants for the training of medical workers, the rules for placing state orders, admitting for education and training medical personnel have been approved.

"In 2021, according to the plan, 4 685 grants have been allocated. The number of grants allocated will increase annually and by 2025 will amount to more than 5 thousand. Also, from January 1, 2021, salaries for 247 thousand medical workers have been increased, for doctors - by 30%, for paramedical workers – by 20%. In addition, for staffing medical organizations with qualified human resources, the state provides relocation allowance for young professionals who have arrived to work in rural areas, which in 2021 increased from 70 to 100 MCI," the department added.

In addition, a transition to international training standards for medical personnel is envisaged. In this regard, a mechanism has been worked out for amending the state compulsory education standard for medical and pharmaceutical specialties.

The department noted that in order to improve the professional level of the SES workers this year, 689 laboratory employees of the RSE National Center for Expertise have improved their professional level. Along with this, the training of medical personnel specializing in the treatment of diseases of the elderly has been provided. So, until 2025, it is planned to develop 20 training programs for medical workers. This year, 3 programs have already been developed:

- for doctors: the program "Innovative technologies in the field of gerontology and geriatrics";

- for paramedical workers: the program on the cycle "Peculiarities of care and rehabilitation of elderly and senile patients", "Tactics of a PHC nurse for caring for cancer patients after chemotherapy."
Ekaterina Eliseyeva
15:46,30 November 2021

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