Kazakhstan Aviation Administration ends Qazaq Air JSC inspection

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The Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan has ended a scheduled inspection of compliance with flight safety and aviation security requirements in the work of Qazaq Air JSC, cites the press service of the department reporting.

The inspection revealed 13 violations.

Director General of the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan Peter Griffiths said that in general, they were pleased to see that Qazaq Air continues to improve its flight safety performance along with other airlines operating in Kazakhstan.

Qazaq Air will have to provide the Aviation Administration with a corrective action plan to eliminate all violations within 10 days. In the event that violations are not eliminated within 3 months, airworthiness certificates may be revoked or compulsory measures taken.

Based on the results of the meeting between AAK and Qazaq Air JSC, it was decided for the period of investigation and clarification of the causes of earlier aviation events that the airline will take measures to enhance control over the state of pneumatics, and eliminate malfunctions of the brake system, aircraft parking areas, informing the flight and technical personnel of the airline in order to pay more attention to the condition of the chassis and brakes. The airline will ensure interaction with the manufacturer of aircraft and pneumatics in determining the causes of aviation events.

The issue of parking and runway control was also raised, as the mechanism indicates tire damage from objects on the ground. This will be done later by the AAK ground security service.

To improve the flight safety of the Qazaq Air, measures will be taken to transfer the supervision of the technical condition from the jurisdiction of the aviation authorities of Aruba to the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan.

In 2020, due to non-fulfillment of orders to eliminate gross violations affecting flight safety, or at the request of licensed airlines, the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan suspended the activities of 6 operators: Jet Airlines, Jenis Air, Azee Air, Phoenix, Qazaq Helicopters, MS AIR KZ. The certificates of two operators have been revoked: Beck Air, Sigma Airlines.

19:28,19 February 2021

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