Mobile transfers in Kazakhstan: personal transfers will not be taxed, individual entrepreneurs will be exempt until 2023

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The issue of the draft law on mobile transfers worries many Kazakhstanis. Kaspi bank explained that in fact nothing will change for several years, reports.

“Concerns about the transfer of data to the state revenue authorities are unfounded,” the Finance Ministry commented. “Personal transfers will not be taxed. And individual entrepreneurs are exempted from paying taxes on income until 2023 within the framework of the adopted moratorium."

According to the State Revenue Committee, information on all individuals is expected to be received from second-tier banks only from 2025.

Transfers between individuals, as before, will not be taxed. In accordance with the requirements of bank secrecy, data on transfers of individuals will not be transferred to the tax authorities.

Thus, Kazakhstanis can make and receive transfers without restrictions. In accordance with the draft law, which is posted on the Parliament's website, and in accordance with the phased introduction of universal declaration, it is assumed that information will be transferred only from 2025.

At the same time, until 2023, the country has a moratorium on the payment of taxes on the income of individual entrepreneurs, the press service concluded.
13:59,3 December 2021

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