Most popular social media in Kazakhstan named

Photo: Talgat Akhanov
The most popular social network in Kazakhstan is Vkontakte, as stated in the report of the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the state of the media sphere according to 2018 results, reports.

“According to the sociological survey, for 48.4% of respondents, the Internet is a preferable source of information compared to other media. 44.8% of citizens use the Internet for news and weather, 31.92% to communicate, 20.88% to listen to music, watch videos and TV shows, 17.16% of respondents use the Internet to receive public services,” the report says.

In the regional context, most of all the Internet is used daily in Pavlodar (65.26%), Kyzylorda (60.2%) regions and the city of Nur-Sultan (63.24%). 32.76% of respondents are constantly online, 18.64% visit once a day, and 10.48% once a week. More than 11% of citizens indicated that they did not visit Kazakhstan sites at all.

According to Brand Analytics in Kazakhstan, there are:

1) 1,781,760 active users of Vkontakte;

2) 1 008 360 active users of Instagram;

3) 413,026 active Facebook users;

4) 27,776 active Twitter users.

The sociological study showed that only 10.6% of Kazakhstanis are not registered with any of the social networks.

The Vkontakte network remains the most popular in almost all aspects. The second and third line of the ranking is occupied by Instagram and My World. Slightly behind is the Facebook.

The most common type of activity on social networks is commenting on other people's posts (24.81%). In the second place is the search and making of new acquaintances (21.9%). 12.44% of respondents share in various discussions.

The indicators of public confidence in information posted on social networks, forums and blogs are interesting. 16.54% of the polled citizens fully trust and 65.28% trust at times. Only 12.22% said they did not trust at all. The same applies to messages that people receive through friends on mobile messengers (Whatsapp, Telegram). 12.52% of the polled citizens fully trust and 61.64% - sometimes trust, 19.51% - do not trust at all.

18:02, 26 August 2019

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