Nursultan Nazarbayev named main wealth of independent Kazakhstan

Photo: Tauekelov
The main wealth of independent Kazakhstan was named by the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev in the article "Lessons of Independence", reports.

"Even at the beginning of gaining sovereignty, I understood that Kazakhstan needs economic modernization, renewal of infrastructure and a departure from raw materials dependence. But only by the beginning of the third decade of independence, having accumulated resources and experience, we were able to carry out this difficult task. We staked on industrialization and development. For this purpose, three Programs of industrial and innovative development have been adopted, 1,500 projects worth 9 trillion tenge have been introduced," Elbasy wrote.

According to him, Kazakhstan has begun to produce more than 500 types of products that were not previously produced - electric locomotives, buses, cars, railway cars, transformers and many more.

“As you know, roads serve as transport arteries of the state. In just 10 years, we have built 14 thousand kilometers of automobile roads and 2.5 thousand kilometers of railways, reconstructed all major airports, sea and dry ports. As a result, Kazakhstan, which had no access to the sea, received direct access to European countries, the Persian Gulf, Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans and became a transcontinental Eurasian transport bridge," N. Nazarbayev added.

According to him, the people are the main wealth of our independent state.

“I devote all my energy, accumulated experience and ideas - all this to the cause of serving the people of Kazakhstan.

From the same motives, since the first day of independence, I have convened more than a million of our consanguineous compatriots who, by the will of fate, have found themselves scattered all over the world. There are many countries in the world where the entire population of the country does not exceed one million people. And we not only resettled such a number of people from abroad, but provided them with housing and work, and educated their children. Therefore, we must not forget that this all-round support, which will continue in the future, became possible only thanks to independence," Nazarbayev concluded.

Ekaterina Eliseyeva
13:13,6 December 2021

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