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Petropavlovsk akimat employee suspected of taking bribes

A civil servant in the North Kazakhstan region is suspected of receiving 150 thousand tenge from the director of a security agency, reports.

As explained in the Anti-Corruption Service in the North Kazakhstan region, the head of the Department of entrepreneurship, agriculture and veterinary medicine of Petropavlovsk akimat is suspected of taking a bribe.

"An official is suspected of receiving a bribe in the amount of 150 thousand tenge from the director of one of the security agencies for the unimpeded signing of acts of work performed under an agreement on public procurement of services for protection of one of the state facilities," the message says.

Details of the pre-trial investigation in the interests of the investigation were not disclosed. The final decision regarding the suspects, determining the degree of their guilt, will be made by the court, the department added.

18:10,29 April 2021

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