"Unknown pneumonia outbreak " in Kazakhstan investigated by Health Ministry

Photo: Akhanov
The Ministry of Health is investigating an “unexplained outbreak of pneumonia” in Kazakhstan, quotes Vice Minister of Health, Lyudmila Byurabekova, as saying at a briefing in the CCS.

"We are currently negotiating with international organizations, the World Health Organization. To date, according to WHO recommendations, only cases that have a PCR-positive result are statistics. We will come through negotiations to the data that need to be taken into account. Each country has its own way in statistics and accounting, we want to bring it into uniformity, move with all the countries,” said Lyudmila Byurabekova.

Alongside this, she added, the Ministry of Health is investigating the so-called "outbreak of unknown pneumonia", which was reported by the media, to identify the cause.

According to her, patients from 4 regions have been studied, but the virus was not detected as a pathogen. In the future, it is planned to conduct relevant studies in other regions of the country, where patients will be tested for antibodies to coronavirus.
14:40,15 July 2020

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