Ministry of Digital Development informed whether satellite Internet appear in Kazakhstan

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The Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan does not exclude the possibility of using satellite Internet, reports.

The ministry noted that they do not exclude the possibility of using a new generation global non-geostationary orbital (non-GSO) system as a supplement to the country's existing telecommunications infrastructure to provide broadband Internet access services in sparsely populated rural settlements that lack terrestrial communication technologies.

Currently, the ministry, together with subordinate enterprises, is negotiating with foreign providers of non-GSO systems, including such as OneWeb (operator of the non-GSO system of the same name), SpaceX (operator of the Starlink system) and SES (operator of the O3b / mPower system). The ministry said that the issue of organizing demonstration broadcasts of non-GSO systems in Kazakhstan is being considered to assess technical capabilities, as well as the level of information / national security.

When asked how expensive such an Internet would be, the ministry replied that it was too early to talk about a specific price.

“At this stage, it is early to talk about specific speeds of access to the Internet and the final cost for Kazakhstani consumers. The actual values of the maximum and minimum speed depend on many factors. The OneWeb company announces the technical possibility of achieving a maximum speed of up to 75 Mbit / s in a direct channel, SpaceX - in the range of 50-150 Mbit / s in a direct channel,” the department said.

It is expected that the quality of satellite communication will be better than that of traditional geostationary satellites, and in terms of characteristics it is compatible with terrestrial communication channels (FOTL).

The decision to cooperate with the companies will be made based on the results of demonstration tests and analysis of the proposed financial models.

Adil Saptaev
16:37,29 November 2021

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